App Onboarding Out of the Box. Deployed 10x Faster.

mbark helps Product teams get their first impression right.

Drag-and-Drop Flow Builder

Compose your onboarding with an intuitive web dashboard. Customize the screens using your brand's unique design library.

Easy Experimentation

Conduct tests with the flows you create. Find the flow that optimizes for key metrics like conversion, retention, and engagement.

Built-in Funnel Analytics

Every flow you build ships with straightforward analytics by default. Measure the effectiveness of your onboarding at a glance.

Drag-and-Drop Flow Builder

Style Import

Enter your brand's styles to create an unmistakable look & feel.

Expressive Pathing

Many onboarding flows are linear and fairly quick, but some have complex paths with many screens. mbark's Flow Builder supports all shapes and sizes.

Instant Publishing

The flows you create in the mbark dashboard can be pushed to your app immediately.
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Easy Experimentation

Finding the best onboarding sequence is a mix of art and science. Testing is always an option with mbark.

Copy testing
A/B testing (split testing)

Built-in Funnel Analytics

Since mbark powers navigation through your onboarding, it's well-positioned to do the simple bookkeeping necessary to check your work.

Date Period Comparisons
Cohort Analysis
Tracking to Custom Goals
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