our mission is to empower teams
with the tools to build better products

Low-code is the future

By lowering the development barrier to entry, we make space for more ideas to rise to the surface. By applying it to consumer apps, we help teams effectively communicate the value of their product to users and build an engaged audience.

Building for mobile is too slow

It's time to fix it. Let's widely share insights into what works and what doesn't. Let's improve the experience through great design and interactions. Let's drive optimization through experimentation and data, not gut feelings. Let's make apps more useful and engaging for all.

Give your team time back

There's no glory in doing what others have done countless times before and then abandoned for "more important" features. mbark manages and elevates your product so you can focus on your app’s core features.

our team

Matt Restivo

Founder, CEO

“I have seen this for literally 10 years. A 10% lift in new user retention will lead to a 50% increase in long-term revenue”

Steve Moncada

Co-Founder, Head of Engineering

“Server-driven UI unlocks a world of potential for mobile apps. We're building a toolset to help your company capture those opportunities."

Carolyn Dempsey

Co-Founder, Head of Product

“Before mbark, my eng teams hated working on re-building existing features they've built before, they would rather work on harder problems”

Nate de Jager

Director of Mobile Engineering

Brian Olencki

Software Engineer

Cristian Gomez

Mobile Engineer

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