imagine the flexibility to optimize
every funnel in your app

Those changes you wanted to roll out that couldn't get prioritized? Not anymore. With just a few lines of code, you can take back control of the most important parts of the customer experience.

Optimize your app's onboarding, registration flows, paywalls and more.
mbark's low code platform unlocks your app's full potential.

Improve CPA by Improving Retention

Onboarding (aka the new user experience) is the largest point of user drop off for apps. Iterating here can help significantly improve core retention metrics and thus drive down your overall CPA.

Improve Conversion with Custom Paywalls

Personalize your app's Paywall(s) by changing copy and imagery. You can also try totally new layouts by selecting from popular templates. Make changes in the dashboard and instantly push them live.

Track Funnels Visually

Purpose-built insights and reporting show you exactly how users are going through funnels in your app. Track conversion to core metrics and track them against industry benchmarks

Increase Permission Opt-In with Primers

On iOS, you can only ask for permissions once, so getting that Primer screen right is critical. App users who receive any push notifications in the 90 days after their first app open have nearly 3x (190%) higher retention rates than those who do not – Airship.

Run Price Tests

Use our platform to run experiments to optimize your customer LTV